Enterprise CRM Product & Strategy Assessments


Our proprietary methodology takes the bias out of selecting a best-fit CRM, and the guesswork out of developing an implementation plan.  Developed in concert with a M.I.T. trained statistician, Antero’s methodology removes bias from the equation using a methodical, disciplined approach to selecting a CRM.  When CRM products are selected in concert with specific business requirements, you can save money, time and misfires downstream.  Antero has assisted large companies, which have multiple CRM products, in selecting one enterprise CRM, and SMB in selecting a first time CRM.  Combining our deep knowledge of what works and what does not work in CRM coupled with eCAM, Antero can get you started on the right footing.


Our sole business is CRM.  Unlike most CRM consulting companies, we do not align ourselves with any single CRM software company.  Instead, we align ourselves with as many CRM software companies as possible to stay in-the-know.  We never profit from recommending a CRM product.  If we receive money from a software vendor for recommending its product,  we pay this money to you.


Antero’s goal is to help minimize your risks and costs when implementing CRM.  eCAM provides a logical, pragmatic approach to CRM.  Product recommendations are mathematically based on your specific needs. Implementation plans are designed around the selected CRM using your stated requirements and priorities from eCAM.   Antero provides analysis for the most utilized CRM products such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle’s CRM suite, SAP CRM and others.  One of  our goals is to make certain your selected CRM will be around for the long haul and  have readily available support.


Using a 6 step process (see diagram), Antero begins by extensively interviewing stakeholders, users and management to determine current and desired requirements and processes. Once an agreement is reached on the requirements and priorities, the results are fed into Antero’s mathematical model.


When is the best time to hone business processes and re-engineer them if necessary?  Because of our experience in CRM, our answer to this question may differ from a management consulting or general IT consulting firm.  Each CRM product is pre-built with its own way of processing data.  If business processes are created without this understanding, excessive CRM customization may be required to fit your processes.  Antero recommends performing some business process re-engineering as part of the eCAM analysis.  After the CRM is selected, we recommend completing this effort.


Deliverables from eCAM can include: as best-fit CRM product recommendation(s), recommended implementation strategies, cost estimates (both software and implementation), third party software recommendations, integration guidance, business process re-engineering and more.  CRM can be expensive.  eCAM helps you make smarter choices and better investments.

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