Antero CRM’s Salesforce Consulting Services

Antero CRM provides extensive Salesforce Consulting Services. We know Salesforce inside-and-out. 

Antero’s is committed to you and your success with Salesforce. Every Antero Salesforce consultant has 5 or more years CRM expertise.  We listen carefully and execute effectively.  Budget and schedules are honored.  As a Salesforce certified consulting partner, we remain in the know.  Most importantly, every Antero client is reference-able.

Antero’s Salesforce consulting services include: 

  • CRM enterprise strategy, planning & design
  • Salesforce product selection and setup
  • Design and architecture
  • Implementation
  • System audits and troubleshooting
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Ongoing support and maintenance
  • System administration
  • Fixed-Price Salesforce Development Services

Antero provides extensive Salesforce services including development on a time and materials or fixed-price basis using our GO! CRM Solutions.

Why Salesforce

A major player in the CRM marketplace, is sometimes referred to as the 1000 pound gorilla.  It is the most utilized CRM in the world, and  Gartner ranks as the leader in the CRM market for both ” completeness of vision” and for ” ability to execute”.  The platform only offers cloud based solutions and is a main innovator in the SaaS marketplace. was launched in 1999 as a cloud-based, CRM solution.   The product is committed to the cloud with no on-premise solution.  The company’s product offering includes:

  • Sales Cloud – sales force automation
  • Service Cloud -customer support & help desk
  • Marketing Cloud- digital marketing
  • Pardot – B2B marketing
  • Community Cloud – connects customers, partners, employees
  • Analytics – business analytics

In addition to its Cloud offerings, is the only CRM product that can boast a large scale App Exchange. The App Exchange is a marketplace that allows users to buy apps that extend the functionality within their application. Apps on the Exchange are varied in terms of functionality and price. Salesforce itself also releases many apps that are free. Most installations have 5-10 additional apps installed.

A major highlight of the product is its vibrant user community. Users rally around the product and most have a fierce loyalty to the application. The company often solicits community input and actively monitors social networks and provides online venues for customers to make themselves heard. User groups are highly active in many cities throughout the world and the online forums make getting support for administrators and developers easy. is also one of the main leaders in social CRM and delivers many tools to allow its customers to achieve social business objectives.

Salesforce Product Highlights

  • Multiple cloud product offerings
  • Very robust Service cloud that is tailored to call centers and monitoring social media
  • Large App Exchange with access to thousands of pre-built apps that extend the base functionality
  • Strong set of social and collaboration tools built into the platform.
  • Robust end user reporting tools
  • Follows the “clicks not code” philosophy and provides a variety of tools for administrators



Reliability & Stability

As a cloud product, Salesforce is reliable. With approximately 3 updates per year, clients seem happy with the product and its constancy.

Large AppExchange offers a robust number of Apps which are built on the platform. These provide expanded capability and relatively simple integration. Some Apps are free.


Reporting is a standout strength of Salesforce. Reporting is user friendly with a breadth of customization options. PDF files can be easily managed.

Product Customization

Salesforce can be customized. Customization is not as easy to perform as it is in other CRM products, but this also encourages less customization and consequently better product stability.

What You Need to Know

Salesforce offer a wide variety of licensing options, which can be confusing to navigate. Different license structures are available for a single product or to combine a platform of products.  Discounts are available for volume purchases, government and nonprofits. Contact us for help!

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