CRM Consulting Services

Antero offers comprehensive CRM consulting services for Fortune sized companies to small business.  Our extensive CRM service offerings encompass CRM product selection, implementation strategy, business process re-engineering from an agnostic perspective.  For and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we provide full-scale implementation and support services.

How We Can Help


Antero helps companies develop enterprise-wide and organizational CRM strategies.  Our Enterprise CRM Assessment Methodology (eCAM) has successfully guided companies nationally in selection of best-fit CRM products.  Using our proprietary mathematical methodology,  you can be assured of receiving an unbiased result that is specific to your needs.

eCAM takes the guess work out of selecting a CRM product and architecting a system.  After identifying business functions and processes, the model prioritizes these factors and performs a mathematical ranking of the requirements.  Candidate CRM products are weighed against your ranked requirements using statistical algortithms developed by an MIT educated statistician.   The end results can include a best-fit CRM recommendation,  cost analysis, short and long term road maps for moving ahead and related 3rd party apps or packages recommendations  This methodology saves companies time, money and misfires.  Let us help guide you forward from an objective perspective.


Antero offers comprehensive development services for and Microsoft Dynamics CRM – the two most utilized CRM products.  Fortune 500 to small companies, use our front-to-end development and implementation services.  Our efforts always begin with an analysis of your business requirements to gain a solid understanding of how your company work and its needs.


Antero views training and knowledge transfer as an integral and critical component of all projects. We understand that user adoption is a major key to the success of a CRM implementation.  The likelihood of this occurring is directly related to a well-structured training programming, readable documentation and mentoring   Antero offers a wide range of training for end users through management and technical staff.

Our commitment to sharing knowledge is evident in every engagement.  We are responsive to providing our clients with whatever knowledge they desire and in whatever form is desired.  For every project, we provide a training and documentation plan.  Even if another organization performed your development, talk to us about your training needs.  We can help keep you in-the-know.


Antero provides ongoing user support, application maintenance and system administration services.  User support can be structured in a number of ways whether the support is on-call or occasional.  System maintenance can include upgrades, modifications, integrations and new features implementation. Part time system administrators can take the burden off your organization and save you the hassle of a new hire.  These services can be provided on a scheduled basis or as needed.  Our goal is to support all your CRM needs.


If you have a development team on shore, near shore or off shore, Antero can provide overall project management for your CRM endeavors.  We can work with your team to build a cohesive development plan then manage the project to stay on track.


If your CRM application is not working well, Antero performs systems audit to troubleshoot the problems.  We have taken nearly inoperable CRM systems, which clients have wanted to scrap, to turn them into high performance CRM systems.  Don’t let a non-performing system sour you on CRM.  We can help identify and solve the problems.

Antero's Services

  • Enterprise CRM product selection

  • CRM implementation strategy

  • Project management

  • System design & architecture

  • Development & implementation

  • Integrations

  • Upgrades

  • System audits & troubleshooting

  • Data migration

  • Application enhancements

  • Knowledge transfer, training, documentation & mentoring

  • System administration

  • Maintenance & ongoing support

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