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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Part 1: Create & Send Emails

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows you to create and send emails to the masses or to individuals.  Because this application has a plethora of features, I am going to cover them in a blog series.  Today, we are going to cover how to create and send an email using short cuts as well as how to send a test preview of an email.

Creating & Sending an Email

  1. From the “Email” Area
  2. Select “Overview”
  3. Click on “Create Email”
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-1
  4. Select Template, HTML or Text
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-2
  5. Pick a Template
  6. Enter “Properties” information
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-3
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-4
  7. Copy and paste text for the body of the email
  8. Insert Images if desired
  9. Preview email before sendinga.       Select “Send Preview” and complete the information for the Send
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-5
  10. To send a test email to yourself

    a.  Select “Send”
    b.  Select “Test Send”
      Enter email address
    Select “Send”
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-6
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-7

Once sent, you will receive a successfully sent message.
Marketing Cloud Series 1-8

Sending a Test Preview of an Email

  1. Select “Email”
  2. Select “My Emails”
  3. Select an email by double clicking on the name
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-9
  4. Select “Send Preview” button at the top of the email
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-91
  5. Click on the “+” next to “My Lists”
  6. Select a list (The email will not go to the users in this list, it is select to valid users only.)
  7. Highlight an email address
  8. Select a “Delivery Profile” of “Default”
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-92
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-93
  9. Select “Generate Preview” to see what the email looks like to the recipient
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-94
  10. Select “Send Test Email”
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-95
  11. Enter YOUR email address (The email will only go to you. It will not go to the user you selected from the list.)
  12. Check the “Testing Options” you desire
  13. Select “SEND”
    Marketing Cloud Series 1-96b

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