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Getting Started & Guiding Principles

As a follow-up to my last blog post, Start from the Real Beginning, following are some brief tips to help your organization get started with a CRM.

Guiding Principles

  • Planning:

    • Start from the “Real Beginning” (link to previous post). Codify each of these building blocks and share them with your entire organization.
    • Document, document, document!
    • Don’t work uphill; obtain buy-in and sign-off early, and at the highest level appropriate.
  • Technical implementation:

    • Don’t break/reverse/ignore native functionality
    • Exhaust all configuration solutions before approaching coding solutions
    • If you need to conduct data migration, triple the time in your project plan
  • Transition and adoption:

    • Ask your executive sponsor to lead the charge!


Getting Started

  • Focus on simplicity: Business requirements and end user preferences often change after a few months of system use.
  • Define reports first: Understanding the information that needs to be retrieved at all levels of your organization will inform the requirements for data entry.
  • Ask for help: Partner with like organizations, user groups, or a consulting partner to discuss implementation strategies

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