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Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Part 3: Upload Images & Create Templates

Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud allows you to create and sending emails to the masses or to individuals.  Because this application has a plethora of features we are going to cover them in a blog series.  This is the 3rd blog in the series.  We are going to cover how to upload images, create a template and change the template layout in the Marketing Cloud.

Uploading Images

  1. From the “Email” Area
  2. Select “Overview”
  3. Click on “Upload Images”
  4. Follow the browse wizard for adding description and uploading
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 01
  5. Browse your computer and select files to upload
  6. Enter “Display Name”
  7. Enter “Description”
  8. Select “OK”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 02

Creating A Template

  1. From the “Email” Area
  2. Select “Overview”
  3. Click on “Create Template”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 03
  4. Name the template
  5. Pick the location to Save to
  6. Select “Use template editor”
  7. Select “Save”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 04
  8. Select “Create Banner”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 05
  9. Select the preferred orientation (Text only, image only, image and text)
  10. Select “Image Only” for example
  11. Select “Next”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 06
  12. Select the image from your folder
  13. Select an “Image Size”
  14. Select “Next”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 07
  15. Define properties further if needed (border color etc.)
  16. Select “Next”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 08
  17. Review Image
  18. Select “Save”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 09
    Your template is created as shown below.  From here you can change color and width or you can change the Layout by clicking on the “Change” hyperlink.
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 10

Applying a Template Layout Change

  1. Select “Overview”
  2. Click on “Templates”
  3. Select and open template
    1. You can pick a template from the “Recent Items” view or select a template from the “Last Modified By” drop down.Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 11
  4. Select “Change” hyper link next to the “Layout” fieldMarketing Cloud Series 3 - 12
  5. Select a new layout and select “OK”
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 13
  6. Go back to “Overview”
  7. Select “Emails
  8. Open the email
  9. Select “Properties”
  10. Select “Apply Template Changes” in the Source Template section
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 14
  11. Drag and drop the content from the left original layout to the right new layout
    Marketing Cloud Series 3 - 15



Need more help?  Please feel free to reach out to Antero CRM at [email protected]!



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