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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 | Get Smart with Intelligent Customer Engagement

This is Microsoft’s most comprehensive release to date and includes many features to move forward in their effort to provide “intelligent” customer engagement across sales, service, marketing and social engagement.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (Version 8.0) is an update for both CRM Online and On-Premise editions. CRM Online offers improvements from the ‘cloud only’ CRM Online 2015 Update 1 that was released earlier this year. CRM 2016 also gives their On-Premise customers access to Carina Features.

Below are just some of the updates included in this new release:


Outlook Capabilities now accommodate Outlook Mac or Outlook Web Access in viewing information or tracking emails. This also includes Outlook 2016, Firefox and IE11 on PC.

(This feature is currently in preview. Once released it will be available for CRM Online)

One Click Document Generation is part of the release of CRM 2016, allowing users to create Word and Excel templates from CRM data for letters, agreements, quotes, invoices and other documents — to be created in just a single click using a simplified editor to build templates. For Excel, security can be used to control access to the new Templates at a team/user or organization level.

Excel Integration (part of CRM 2015 Update) offers an improved integration with Excel and the new Excel templates functionality (One Click Document Generation). Users can now create Excel templates, make changes in Excel, then upload the changes back to CRM. For CRM Online, there will be support for CRM for the Tablet and Mobile in utilizing the Excel templates.


Unified Service Desk comes the Unified Service Desk, as well as a new survey tool enabling questionnaires and other feedback forms to be distributed from Dynamics to collect customer opinions, ratings and views.

Interactive Service Hub includes a new browser based app that is optimized for customer service teams and also features interactive dashboards.


SMS Marketing allows marketers to go mobile and create powerful SMS Campaigns. Dynamics Marketing supports both inbound and outbound SMS Marketing in select markets.

Email Marketing has enriched the email editor that was part of the 2015 release. For example, user can now view the generated HTML in their emails, as well as utilize the advanced editing experience to use the media library directly from HTML code.


Many new mobile features, including Offline Support, Document Management, Preview Mobile Forms and new Mobile UI Controls.


Guided User Experience for CRM Online 2016 includes a “learning layer” designed to speed up the learning curve with each new release. It gets frustrating to figure it all out, so Microsoft included a role-specific, in-product, context-based learning layer that fits you and your needs.


Social Listening and Social Analytics allows users to search boards, forums, and custom sources via RSS, including internal, non-public sources like Yammer.

To see all of the latest updates and features, see the new Release Preview for Dynamics CRM 2016.




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